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Does Social Media Really Help Your Business

social media help business

Everyone is on social media, from an individual designer to a small business to a larger corporation. People are spending thousands of dollars a month to gain the attention of their target customers. But, the question remains- are brands getting proper visibility? Is it worth spending so much of money? Well, there are both yay-sayers and nay-sayers. The strategy you adopt, the effort you put in, decides which side you are.
Stats from a Forrester study show that posts on social media usually reach approximately 2% of the intended audience. There’s also a survey from social media examiner which says that 66% of marketers see lead generation benefits with social media, just by spending 6 hours/week on social efforts. Now, why is there so much of variation in surveys and people views on the benefit of social media? The simple reason is that people often tend to use the same analogy while dealing with social media which they use for Google Adwords. The problem is that while people come on Google to directly search for something they need, on social media people are there to spend some free time.
Now, the analogies we have been talking about is in a very broad term. But, the question is how do you know that the whether or not social media is helping your business? When using a social media channel there are certain expectations that you have, and in case these expectations are fulfilled, social media is working for you else you need to revisit your strategies. Let’s take a look at what to expect as a brand using social media-

Generating Leads

What’s the use of promotion when you cannot convert the viewers into clients. For social media your aim would be same- Reach as many people as possible and then convert them into your clients. Chances are your business might have faced one of these scenarios when trying to generate leads from social media-
Few active visitors to your page- You have tried everything from making engaging content to paid promotion, yet the number of active users on your page are negligible. But, have you given a thought that might be your target users are not active on the social media platform you are using to woo your customers. For e.g. if your are in a t-shirt design business, then using LinkedIn is hardly going to get you a business. Rather than using LinkedIn one should use Instagram and Snapchat to attract more customers.
Social media visitor not visiting website- You got a good number of visitors on your social media, but strangely enough they are not visiting your website. The reason can be that these visitor have came only due to paid promotion or the other reason might be that your post are not intriguing enough to make people visit the site. Now if the problem is due to audience not being your target customer, you would need to revisit your marketing strategy. You can narrow down your audience to get better results. If the problem is related to content not being intriguing enough, then you should look on how to place your website URL so that it is visible to people.
Website visitor from social media do not convert- There are times when one might get many clicks on social media page, redirecting visitors to the website. But, the visitors are still not turning to the client. Here, comes into play the information that you are showing the visitor when they first visit your site. For this one needs to research on what the visitor wants to see on coming to your website. Make sure that when user clicks on the link they are shown the page which most likely is to convince them to purchase your product.

Brand Loyalty

From celebrities to music houses to multi-national companies, all are using social media to create brand loyalty. Social media has been a major factor in giving people a celebrity status while for brands social media has been a place where their loyal followers remains in touch with them. Creating brand loyalty is not a day work. You need to continuously post and promote your brand, be in continuous touch with your followers to create a following that is loyal to your brand.
One can take example of Starbucks which through it’s “My Starbucks Idea” asked people for suggestion and the most popular suggestion were highlighted and reviewed. Now, the suggestion that had been accepted are shown in a blog. Thus, Starbucks which has so much of a diverse customer base successfully managed to thread-in all it’s audience just by a single campaign. The campaign made the users more loyal to Starbuck as they saw in it a brand that cares about it’s customers and accepts its suggestion.

Creating Brand Virality

Social media has been one of the best medium to make a brand viral. A targeted marketing campaign can easily create a buzz around the brand and bring a lot of user base. Therefore, as a brand one must create content that are sure to turn head and then pay equal attention to it’s marketing to reach the target audience.
A great example would be the ad by British airways targeting their passengers from India. The ad brilliantly showed the historical connection British airways has with India. Not only this, through the ad they showed the culture of India where guest are treated as a family member and the incredible experience they have. The ad while marketing British airways had an emotional connection that people could easily relate to. Needless to say that the video went viral within few hours of it’s launch and British airways definitely achieved its marketing objectives.
The success you achieve or the setback you get, all depends on how strategically and well planned you are. We have tried to give you ways to analyze your social media presence and some tips on how to make social media work for your business. If you have any more ideas on effective use of social media then do share it with us in the comment below.

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